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About the FIrm


 About the Firm

Matrona Law Professional Corporation was established in 2018 and is a boutique law firm in downtown Toronto offering legal services in civil and corporate transaction and litigation matters, intellectual property: entertainment law, cyber law; family law, and, immigration and constitutional matters.

With approximately ten years in the legal field, government and academia, the firm’s principal prides herself on a meticulous eye for detail and problem solving, efficiently and in a cost effect manner. Advocacy is a lifelong passion of hers, and she prides herself on working within the boundaries of the law to establish innovative and creative solutions to the most complex legal problems that come her way.  

Building lasting relationships with clients and seeing their success through hard work and sharp advocacy are the goals of this law firm and its principal.  Client satisfaction, care and guidance are the foundations of the strategy and case theorizing that goes on in each case. 

This website will allow you to navigate the different practice areas for more information, and will also allow you to interact and purchase services online. If you like quick turn around times for questions and contracts and other legal documents we are your one stop shop for meticulously crafted legal documents to service your business or protect you in day to day life. Please see our Forms and Documents Section for more information. 

Mission and Values 

Our mission is to provide transparent and truthful advise to a client's matter.  Our goal is to problem solve and develop a winning strategy to successfully resolve the problem in favor of our clients.   The law is a creature that is living and breathing and it is ever changing.  Being abreast of changes in the law and the developments ensures that clients receive the latest care and support to resolve their legal issues. 

We pride ourselves on a hard work ethic, a perfectionist attitude, and a meticulous and innovative approach to problem solving.  Knowing the law is one thing, but being able to apply it effectively is where the results are shown. 


Practice Areas


Please browse our website for detail on civil litigation and areas of practice.  We have appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, Divisional Court and Small Claims Court matters, zealously advocating on behalf of clients with great success.  If you have a dispute that you wish to litigate, contact us for a strategic plan and advice. 

If you are interested in obtaining an opinion on appealing a judgment or decision, contact us to determine whether you have an appeal case.  More and more cases are heading to appeal what with procedural wrangling becoming the norm in civil litigation matters. With reasoned analysis of the law, we can determine if the fight will be worth it. 


We deal with matters pertaining to internet law and protections including social media law, defense, and protections of corporations and individuals.  We can provide you with contracts, direction, support and litigation tools to protect your intellectual property rights. We also provide litigation services for defamation online, and how to deal with violations in cross border situations with the United States. If you are setting up an e-business, or a business for which you wish to have international or cross border clients, visit our dedicated page on International/North American Internet Law here.  We can draft EULA's, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, among other documents, on behalf of you or your business. Contact us for a tailored and customized strategy to serve your intellectual property needs. 


We can provide you with litigation support and represent you in your separation or divorce, or both.  Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, are services that we offer to our clients tailor made to fulfill your requirements and goals. We take a hands on approach to prepare carefully drafted documents that will protect you in circumstances that you may not have foreseen. 

We provide legal advice for estate management including last will and testament creation, living wills, powers of attorney, bequests and other documents to assist you in navigating your estate matters. 


We also provide - integrated within this website - forms that you can fill out for instant submissions for contracts, and other legal documents, or for legal research service requests from other law firms and institutions. Please click here.