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Civil, Corporate and Commercial Litigation



Our team can represent you in any level of court in Ontario and Federally. If you have a personal or business dispute and wish to obtain information on your legal rights, contact us to go over the details of your case.  Often, cases can reach settlement without the need for complex, time consuming or costly litigation.  We litigate at first instance, and represent clients in appeals at all levels. In addition to litigation, we offer dispute resolution and mediation services. 

Our team excels in reading the law and developing argument critical to your success.

Our team excels in reading the law and developing argument critical to your success.

Corporate and commercial litigation 

Disputes arising out of business transactions, employment contracts, service and sale contracts may require negotiation, mediation or even litigation to be launched in an effort to recover losses or property in transactions gone awry.  Through our skilled litigation team, we can provide you with a strategic edge to navigate the complexities of your legal problems with ease and efficiency. We provide legal advice and representation  for:

  • commercial contracts,

  • corporate contracts and disputes,

  • product liability and professional malpractice,

  • tort and negligence litigation, fraud, liens, etc.

  • Construction litigation is a major component of our practice and we deal regularly with both homeowners and businesses to negotiate and recover monies in construction disputes. Please see our construction law page.

  • ...and other corporate disputes.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants. 



Civil litigation 

If you are faced with a dispute, grievance, complaint or violation against your personal rights, contact us for advice on how to assist you in the recovery of monies or property owed, or damages that you may have sustained from transactions you have involved yourself in.   Medical malpractice, professional liability, product liability, contract disputes, tort and negligence claims, are just some of the types of cases we undertake. 

Civil litigation is a complex creature involving a significant procedural process that includes some mandatory steps, such as full disclosure of documentation in a documentary and testamentary capacity, mandatory mediation, and mandatory pre-trials, among some of those steps.  It is always within the parties' grasp to try and settle outside of court and negotiate a settlement that will leave both parties satisfied that they received a fair bargain.  Mediation is an imperative step in any litigation and our team has experience dealing with institutional defendants, and government defendants in past cases.  To learn more about some of the processes your case may go through on a typical litigation please click the link below for more information. We take on both plaintiff and defense cases. Here are some of the services we offer - please click on each link for more information:

Together we can tailor an efficient plan to strategize your case, thinking creatively and utilizing the law to develop a rational, sound and innovative or novel way to represent you in court.  Trust us to advocate zealously on your behalf and provide you with the results you seek. 


Appellate work - do you want to appeal a decision that you received? 

Appeals are complicated creatures. In the common law, you can appeal your case if there was an error of law or error of fact in the judicial determination of the case of first instance.  Appeals are common, but can be costly if not adjudicated properly and effectively.  Our team has a proven track record of providing meticulous legal research and argument construction after first determining whether an error of law has been made, or on the face of it, an error of fact or in the evaluation of the evidence. Some times, even where there are errors, those may be so trivial so as to not warrant an appeal due to the cost and complexity; however, where an appeal is warranted, we will inform you, advise you and assist you in navigating the process to achieve a just result and ensure that your rights are protected in line with the law. In many cases, the appeal courts must first grant leave to appeal which involves a process of applying to the court to request this leave. We have over seven years experience working on appellate cases that have reached the Federal Court of Appeal and the Ontario Court of Appeal multiple times on procedural law, substantive law and evidentiary errors of law. To read more about the process of appealing, click on the link below.