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Contracts and Documents

If you are interested in obtaining a contract or service agreement or other legal document in order to secure your rights or that of your business, trade, art or other intellectual property, please browse below for the types of services we offer, and send us a request via the form provided on this page with the details of what you wish to produce. We will respond with a preliminary quote based on what you submit. 


Terms and conditions, privacy policies, confidentiality agreements, non compete agreements, eula's

Whether you are a new business start up or an existing business, if you would like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, or other such internet based protections, we can draft tailored and customized documents for your business.  We can also advise you on the necessity of having such documents, and specifically include legalities for the specific industry you are in.  If you are engaging in the service industry, having a Terms and Conditions document is of the utmost importance. It positions you and your company so as to protect against any unforeseen liabilities caused by the negligence of other parties, including the clients themselves.  Sharing your Terms and Conditions with the client, or prospective client is imperative so as to allow the client to agree in order to engage in your service offering or not. 

Privacy Policies are shields to assist you or your business from any liability should a client make accusations of impropriety over their personal information.  PIPEDA is legislation that protects all of us and with the privacy legislation that exists, we are obligated to ensure that our business respect the privacy of clients.  We can assist you to ensure that you or your business is protected from claims.  We will advise you on the privacy law that exists, and your role and obligation to the public. 

Confidentiality Agreements and Non Compete Agreements are used in a variety of different settings, most of the time in employment settings, however, in many cases confidentiality agreements can be useful for a number of purposes. We can assist you or your business in the creation of legal documents to ensure that your corporate information is secure. 


Business and service contracts 

If you are in need of a business or service contract for a production, trade, artistic endeavor, internet site, business, or other intellectual property protection, contact us to draft your business contracts that will ensure the protection and safety of your business, your art, your employees and your clients.  

Rates are typically measured in flat fees for the production of contracts, and customized in accordance with the time, complexity and legal nuance required to draft your documents. 

Documents we offer include, but are not limited to: 

1. Contracts for employers, employees, sub contractors; 

2. Contracts for employees' intellectual property creations within their role in a company;

4. Copyright, Trademark, Tradename, Patent Contracts, and Licenses for use;