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elder law

Elder law is an area of law that covers issues pertaining to individuals who are vulnerable or unable to care for themselves or their investments and property because of their age. Seniors are at a disadvantage, many times, because their loved ones may not live with them, or they are estranged, or simply because next of kin does not exist.  We are here to preserve and protect your legal interests in the event of any legal issues that arise.  If you or someone you know is in need of assistance for day to day legal issues, please contact us to develop a plan to assist.  The purpose of elder law is to prevent the abuse, fraud and mismanagement of the affairs of those who are vulnerable.  We can also provide you with a plan that will assist you to navigate your day to day, so that you can feel confident that you are being looked after. 


Protections from Fraud and deceit

If you require assistance and legal help to navigate the law pertaining to any of your property, wealth, health or other needs and feel that you are being violated, taken advantage of, abused, or otherwise defrauded, please contact us. We are here to help. We can visit you in person and review your concerns. If you are in danger, please contact the police. Because it is often the case that many elderly do not have access to the internet, or a computer, if you are aware of anyone who may be in trouble, please reach out and even if you cannot assist them, put that person in touch with someone who can.  Every day, millions of seniors across Canada are being duped and taken advantage of not merely by individuals, but by corporate giants as well.  If you have a claim against a conglomerate, individual, major institution, we can help. We also offer this as a pro-bono service to those who are financially incapable of hiring a legal representative, as part of our commitment to access to justice for all Ontarians. 

reversing any damage that has been done 

If damage has been done and litigation is the only next step, or criminal actions, to reverse damage, please contact the police, and let us know how we can assist you.  If you are a legal aid recipient, we can represent you.   We can also put you in touch with the Office of the Public Guardian Trustee to look after your interests if you are unable to and have no next of kin, or have granted authority to an attorney in a Power of Attorney for Care or Property.  You have options.