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Cohabitation Agreement

Common Law Spouses, Roommates, and other

If you would like us to draft a cohabitation agreement, please fill out the form below, offering as much detail with respect to your request, and fill out the form available here, and submit to us via email in order to review your request. We will contact you to set up an appointment, and provide you with a quote for the contract, over the telephone prior to meeting. 

Pre Nuptial Agreement

Post Nuptial Agreements

Amendments to existing Agreements

Please indicate by filling out the form enclosed here, the details of your marriage, assets, bequests, and other demands in the contract. It is not necessary to be specific, those details can be ironed out in an in person meeting, however, a summary of what your assets, and bequests, details of heirs, and beneficiaries is important to allow us to gauge the cost of drafting your particular and unique agreement.  Cost varies in terms of complexity of the assets of the parties.  Once reviewed, a telephone interview will take place, quoting you on the cost, and setting up a time to meet with you if you wish to retain us for this service.  


Separation Agreements

Please let us know what type of relationship you wish to terminate, what if any other documents or contracts exist between you, and provide detail as to whether the separation agreement is for common law, or married couples, as the law on each is different.  Once reviewed we will contact you to discuss the issues, cost, and set up a time to meet if you wish to retain us for our services.