A Professional Corporation

IP: Contracts and Licenses


Contracts: TM, Copyright, Patent


If you would like information on obtaining a contract tailored to your business needs for a trademark, copyright or patent, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible in terms of your issue, timeline, and expectation. Once we contact you to discuss the details and provide you with a draft, we can tailor your contract to fit your precise expectations.  Our contracts are drafted with updates to the law, to ensure clients are forward facing, and always protected. 

We can draft licenses as required, to license out the use of your innovation or protected good to others for use, and advise you on the parameters of licensing agreements, costs, and plans tailored to your business' needs. 

Contracts for Employees

If you would like to narrow the parameters of employee works within your firm, and wish to create a contract to identify the parameters, non disclosure agreements, non compete agreements, and so on, contact us with as much detail as possible in the form offered below.  We will provide efficient and effective resolutions to your legal issues. 

Letters, licenses, injunctions and notices

If you require assistance navigating a dispute with a stranger online who is creating legal complications, violating your legal rights and protections, or that of your business, we can prepare correspondence - after searching for the culprits - in the form of cease and desist orders, in a pre-litigation environment.  Similarly, we can deal with injunctions, Anton Pillar Orders and other equitable relief to have any violators cease and desist.