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Immigration Law and Unscrupulous Middle Men

Counsel beware! There are people out there posing as lottery tickets for your business, claiming to be able to bring in enormous amounts of cash to your firm, if you will work with them (for a fee, or hire them as an employee) to bring you sales from across the sea! 

Immigration has been a flourishing area of law for many practitioners who practice; the scores of potential immigrants coming into the country has increased over the last several years. 

It is important not to get carried away, however, with the plight of these people in the interest of making a buck.  There appears to be a lot of fraudulent activity in the industry, between individuals disguising themselves as agents and registered consultants when they really have no qualification and no standing to be representing an individual and charging them a fee.  

It is actually against the law, and against the rules for an individual who is not a licensee of the ICCRC or the LSO to charge money for assisting to prepare the forms, or acting as an authorized representative.  A crack down on this practice is necessary because it appears that there is a huge booming black market industry  - if the grapevine is worthy of reliance on. 

Counselors beware!