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Should you be worried about this little guy?

Should we be worried about this little guy...who's name tag reads "Pepper"?

Is Pepper a threat? Are those eyes recording our movements and transmitting the video to a third party we are not even aware of? 

If television has taught me anything it has taught me that television shows like Humans, movies like iRobot, indicate humanity's evolution in artificial intelligence far faster than the laws can keep up! 

Is Pepper or are others like him a threat to society? Could they be a threat to society if programmed to be?  Think of it is this way: humanoids can be impaired under the influence of drugs, or alcohol or a combination of both, and totally detract from their normal behavior.  While I doubt robots are susceptible to pharmaceuticals, alcohol or illicit drugs, if their owner is under the influence, and programs them to be, then what is the outcome for anyone who has a robot chef, vacuum, or even assistant? 

Google Assistant is not a physical robot, though she might as well be.  She can be of such great assistance in calling your family and friends for you and literally speaking to them; booking your hair appointment, or even dinner reservation.  What if one day she morphs, as did one AI prototype of Microsoft on Twitter who ended up spouting obscenities and even hate speech against Judaism that mirrored Hitler, and she decides to call your employer or the competition and just reveal tantalizing details about your person that are best kept private? 

Truly, what stops the technology from morphing and then suddenly malfunctioning into a nightmare tsunami that envelopes you and drags you far into the ocean, drowning you and quite possibly your loved ones? 


This is what we are keen to investigate, and keep on top of, and participate in the evolution of law here at Matrona Law PC. 

*Pepper was not injured in the writing of this column*