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Product Liability


product liability 


Matrona Law is here to advocate on your behalf if you have been a victim of a product that has made you ill, harmed you, or violated your person in any way, including wrongful death to your loved ones or family members. Did you know that every day companies across the world are faced with litigation because of products that have harmed consumers? 

While there are many class action lawsuits, if you do wish to sue, you need not follow the route of the class action suite, unless there in fact a multitude that can form a legally required "class".   From pharmaceutical products to cosmetics, to foods and beverages, toys, household appliances, baby products, (yes, baby products), there are dangers lurking out there. If you have been a victim and wish to discuss your rights in the law, contact us for a free consultation.  We often take these cases on a contingency, which means, that unless you are successful in proving your claim and being vindicated, we do not charge you legal fees until after you have settled your case.  

is this bad for me?

do you ever wonder if you are entitled to sue a manufacturer, legitimately, for a product that has made you ill, or worse, has caused wrongful death for a family member or loved one? well, you are!

Big Pharma is notorious in and around North America for products that are making millions of Canadians and Americans ill each year, and worse, causing death.  And while Big Pharma pumps billions into hiding these facts, and settling out of court, many people aren't even aware that the symptoms that they may be experiencing are in fact a direct cause of the medications that they are taking.  In recent years, placebo pills have been substituted for the real mcoy which begs the question, is the mind truly that adept at playing games with the human anatomy and making one truly feel better than they actually are? Food for thought. Don't ignore symptoms of products you consume which may be directly correlated to negative reactions you may be feeling.  Call us today!