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Professional Malpractice and Liability


professional malpractice and liability

This area of the law concerns itself with the professionals that you entrust on a day to day basis with your life, your investments, your future, the safety of your children and parents, and yourself.  Do you think that a duty of care owed to you has been breached? Has a fiduciary duty been breached? If you aren't sure, contact us to discuss your concerns.  If you have been violated, or if you feel that you have been duped or injured or become a victim of the practices of a professional entrusted by you, you have options to sue.  The standard of care owed by professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers, day cares, and so on, is a standard that is higher than lay people.  And while the standard is not one of perfection, and while we will not take on unmeritorious or vexatious claims, we take professional responsibility very seriously as the ethical foundation upon which we entrust ourselves to strangers, often time, should be upheld, and the environment should be safe.  Some of the types of liability we cover include: 

Legal Malpractice

Lawyers are not held to a standard of perfection. Nor should they be. The law is a living and breathing creature evolving from moment to moment. That being said, unless your lawyer(s) have made egregious errors in representing you will you often have a case worthy of review. If you feel you have been treated in a manner that is not appropriate, or if your representative has been negligent, contact us to discuss the issues carefully. 

Medical and Dental 

The pathos of medical professionals is outlined in their day to day activities, stemming from front line emergency care to basic physician or dental outreach.  Again, while the standard of care is not one of perfection, and the threshold is quite high, if you have a claim against a medical professional and you believe that you have been victimized by egregious behavior, contact us for a free referral to discuss your case. 

Professional - Engineers, teachers

In line with our work in construction law, we are able to represent plaintiffs and defendants in engineering disputes, and liability claims stemming from projects gone awry.  Contact us for a free referral. 

Teachers are not often the subject of malpractice claims, but with the up-rise of questionnable behavior illuminating our social context over the last several years, claims are being brought, and if you believe that you or your child has been a victim, please contact us to discuss your case.