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residential tenancies

Trust our experienced team to take your matter to the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal to advocate on your behalf and protect your rights, while advising you on your legal obligations to protect yourself and your investments. If the tenancy agreement lapses, and recovery is required, a claim must be brought to the Small Claims Court for this recovery. Let us handle this for you and provide you with an efficient and cost effective way to recover your property or money. 


Landlord and Tenant tribunal & residential tenancies act

Landlords and tenants each owe a duty to each other.  In accordance with the Act, each must provide lawful notice to the other if a tenancy agreement is to be terminated.  A tenant cannot stay in a property indefinitely unless on a month to month agreement - which is the default - and only if notice has not been given. 

Parties must be aware that a tenancy terminates either by order of the Tribunal, or by the tenant leaving the premises.  Just because a landlord has issued a letter documented a notice of termination does not mean that the tenant necessarily has to abide by that notice.  A landlord has a duty to file the Notice with the Tribunal, and if necessary obtain an order to evict the tenant at the end of the term.  

The rights and obligations are all enumerated within the Act, and though it has been amended to create more protections for tenants, there are still loopholes that are permitting landlords and tenants respectively with getting away with more than they are entitled to. 

Recent trends put rent prices in the City of Toronto at rates the city has never seen before, and almost the highest in the world, after Vancouver, and San Francisco. The effect of this is that many are faced with the only remedy of finding a room mate, which in itself can be a harrowing process.  There are many safeguards and communities that assist tenants to navigate the now complex world of tenancies and room mates, but, for those who are at their wits end, and truly wish to gain some advise on what to do, we offer a one hour telephone clinic every week, as a pro bono service to anyone who is faced with eviction and nowhere to go. We can put you in touch with institutions and organizations that are front line workers assisting people to find housing in emergency situations. 

Representation at tribunals

We offer representation at the Landlord Tenant Tribunal for flat fees based on the unique situation of the client. Contact us to discuss your matter and determine the cost for such representation. 

We often advise our clients to try mediation, either within the tribunal process, or prior to even launching an application, in the hopes that an amicable solution is found, at a fraction of the cost of legal representation. 

We are here to advise you on your rights and obligations, whether you are a tenant or a landlord and we will provide you with a no hold barred approach to your situation to navigate, efficiently and cost effectively. 


Contract preparation and other documents

If you navigate to our Documents and Forms tab, you will find a page that offers you information on contacting us if you would like us to draft documents on your behalf or contracts, including lease agreements, pursuant to the standard lease agreement recently published by the Ontario government. 

Contact us today for a quote on the document that you wish to have prepared. We offer flat fees for document preparation and legal research services.